Fire and Burlesque Performer


Some of Aurora Galore’s acts use contemporary music and are high in energy; others are dark and theatrical. Some acts contain use of fire breathing and fire techniques, but all acts can also be catered to your events. For further details; email Aurora at

..::Burlesque Acts::..


This act combines art, dance and passion! Through intense choreography, innovative paint splatter and a wealth of desires, Aurora unveils an act about dedication to the stage, performing for the audience and living for the applause!

Video Here :

(Performed to Lady GaGa – Applause)

Fan Dance

Aurora performs a number of Fan Dances that are all full of speed, skill and exertion. From dramatic fan moves, to aggressive thrusts, Aurora’s Fan Dances are powerful and vigorous and not to be missed!

Video Here :

Halloween Fan Dance – Video Here :

(Performed to a Variety of Tracks

        Circus Ringmaster

This routine is a fusion between the old and the new. It mixes the Victorian Carnival aesthetic with modern dancing. Combining fire, the conventional ringmaster outfit and high energy choreography; this is an act that is sure not to be missed!

Video Here :

(Performed to a Dubstep Intro and Circus Contraption- Welcome to the Circus)

Hunger Games

Hunger Games is an act of strength, battle and power. Under layers and shades of ruffled fuchsia, Aurora performs an act filled with passion, dance and intrepid striptease with an extra large Ostrich Boa Fan Dance finale.

Video Here :

(Performed to by Two Steps from Hell – Protectors of the Earth)


This routine is homage to Lady GaGa. With the stand-out ‘American Flag’ costume, this is a boisterous act that uses familiar GaGa choreography and Aurora’s signature boldness to show her audiences why GaGa is her number one icon! This act won Aurora the title of ‘Miss Paris Burlesque Festival 2012.’ It is about passion, persistence and performing without inhibition!

Video Here :

(Performed to Lady GaGa – Marry the Night)

..::Fire Acts::..

All in Forms

All in Forms is an act that explores the strife of battle. Inspired by Sucker Punch; this act uses carefully constructed choreography and unique fire skills to bring you into a world of darkness, strength and survival.

(Performed to Bonobo – All in Forms)

The Joker

Inspired by the Joker as portrayed by Heath Ledger, this is a high energy, high flying fire routine that is crazy, chaotic and compelling! With a unique mix of quotes and Dubstep, this act indulges in the mind of one of the most unpredictable characters there ever was!

Teaser Video Here:

(Performed to a track mixed by Sounds Wilde)

Gypsy Fire

This is an act that uses traditional Gypsy music to explore a variety of skills and movement.

Video Here:

(Performed to Taraf de Haidouks – A La Turk)

Fire and Ice

Enhanced from last year’s Snowman routine, this is a winter themed act about a woman burning away at her cold heart. Under flames and snow, Aurora will melt away her cold exterior.

Video Coming soon!

(Performed to Lindsay Sterling – Crystallize)

Victorian Vampire

This act is not for the faint-hearted. This is an act that uses Victorian inspiration and the idea of what happens when a woman has been bitten, so to speak. The is an act about a sexual predator in the form of  a vampire and uses extensive amount of fire equipment.

Performed to a mix of songs featuring ‘The Mars Volta’ and ‘Tomahawk’

Video Here :

Non-Fire Alternative Video :

Here is a selection of Fire Skills performed by Aurora – Video Here :

..::Bespoke Burlesque/Fire Acts::..

Sweet Cherry Pie This routine is a homage to Nikki Sixx as well as the 80’s glam rock greats! Complete with leather and JD, ‘Sweet Cherry Pie’ brings you back to the sexual intensity of the heavy metal age.

Performed to WhiteSnake’s ‘Sweet Cherry Pie’

Video Here :

..::Other ‘Bespoke’ Routines include;  Fire Dragon, Michael Jackson Tribute, Candy Fiend, Wonderwoman and Beetlejuice::..

Fire Dragon Video Here :

Snowman Video Here :

Candy Video Here :

Ask Aurora if you wish to book any bespoke routines, or would like further descriptions

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